Bitcoin and Blockchain: One Day To A Rare Opportunity

How many people are actually able to remake their company, or even a significant portion of it? It's not many. In fact, the authors of business books scour the corporate world to find just a few.

We all know that large organizations develop conflicts and bottlenecks over time, and that they seriously affect performance. Fixing them, however, proves to be a difficult challenge... often an insurmountable challenge.

But what if there was a new tool that let you work around those obstacles without requiring everyone involved to accept massive changes? What if these tools allowed you to work under, over and around the old blockages? And what if it was downright cheap? Would getting up to speed with those technologies be worth a day of your time? That opportunity is here now, and it's called Blockchain. It's the essential component of Bitcoin, but it can be used far beyond the realm of currency.

Can you see benefit in perfect, complete, up-to-date, permanent company records, made instantly available all through the organization? There would be no more waiting for data, no more begging division heads to release information, and so on. Blockchain does it for you, reliably and very, very inexpensively.


In this one day seminar you'll learn what Bitcoin and Blockchain really are, where they came from, and how they work. And you'll learn to use them yourself, using your own laptop or smartphone. (Bring them!)

Your presenters are two of the most experienced and connected people in the field, and both have made careers of making complex things understandable. You'll have supervised, hands-on time with your own devices and there will be plenty of time to have your questions answered.

You'll also receive a detailed coursebook, containing everything you'll see during the course, space for your personal notes, an extensive glossary and a full list of reference materials.

So, the next time you see something that should be fixed... that would be a career-maker if it were... please decide whether or not you'd like to be the person who

fixes it. Because the training you need to do just that will take just one day of your time.

The choice is yours.

Topics the course covers:

  • How Bitcoin works.
  • Bitcoin versus Blockchain.
  • Applications of Blockchain technology.
  • How to buy and sell.
  • How to securely store cryptocurrencies.
  • New currencies and the crypto economy.
  • Tax and regulations.
  • Privacy, ripoffs and other risks.
  • Where this is heading: Price projections, new developments, etc.
Chicago, IL - mHub 965 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL

$495 - Full Day Course - 20% off with discount code EARLY